The Ozark Rape Crisis Center believes it is critical to provide effective sexual violence prevention education and information to the community and offers the following violence prevention educational programs to schools, churches, employers, professional organizations, civic clubs and other organizations at no cost.

  • Safe Dates – is a research based program with strong, long-term outcomes. Safe Dates has been identified as a model program in the National Registry of Effective Programs. It can be presented in four, six, or nine sessions and is designed to prevent the initiation of psychological, physical, and sexual abuse between individuals in dating relationships by using interactive group discussion. A play and a poster contest are optional activities.

  • Shifting Boundaries: Lessons on Relationships for Students in Middle School is an evidence-based, multi-level prevention program for students in 6th and 7th grade on establishing boundaries and recognizing sexual harassment. Students are encouraged to think about their boundaries, how to respect others’ boundaries and what to do if their boundaries are violated. Shifting Boundaries includes a “Hot Mapping” activity for students to inform school administrators where they feel safe vs. unsafe on their campus.

  • Give Respect, Get Respect –This 4-session program is for people with intellectual disabilities and other developmental disabilities who receive supports or who may attend local community programs.It teaches about healthy relationships in plain language, is highly interactive and includes information on healthy boundaries and the right to make choices. It was developed by a self-advocacy task force at Partners and pulls some pieces from other evidence based curricula including: Expect Respect, Safe Dates, Effective Strategy Based Curriculum for Abuse and Empowerment (ESCAPE) and Safety Planning, Awareness, Choice, and Empowerment (SPACE).


  • Tough Guise - developed by Jackson Katz and is an exciting new media literacy tool utilizing racially diverse subject matter and examples that will enlighten and provoke students (both males and females) to evaluate their own participation in the culture of contemporary masculinity. The target outcome is to empower young men and women to challenge the myth that being a real man means putting up a false front and engaging in violent and self-destructive behavior.


  • Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention – This is a single session program that discusses sexual assault statutes, myths about rape, the effects of sexual violence on a victim, what to do if someone has been sexually assaulted, and red flags of dangerous relationships. Safety tips and resource information are offered throughout program.  

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